PolarBlock Insulated Transport Bulkheads

PolarBlock Bulkhead Design

PolarBlock thermal bulkheads offer the ultimate flexibility for mixed freight loads, allowing temperature zone separation at any desired point in the trailer - - thereby maximizing loads and maximizing profits!

PolarBlock bulkhead panels are based on a downsize of our much larger and time-tested Insulated Metal Panels. Our simple yet highly-effective insulated bulkhead consists of an insulating core of high-quality insulation laminated on each side with a flexible coating.

  • 2 inches of thermally efficient insulation
  • Flexible Coating protects the insulating core
  • PolarBlock zero-perm vapor barrier coatings prevent water vapor absorption
  • No fasteners or straps required allowing installation wherever the load requires.

PolarBlock Specifications

Height 9 feet
Weight 6 pounds
Width 48 inches
Thickness 2 inches
Color PolarBlock Penguin Logo (Reflex Blue) over lighter background with snowflakes
R-value 8.5

The PolarBlock Advantage

Absolute lowest cost refrigeration bulkhead in the refrigerated transportation industry

  • Highest performance thermal zoning in the transportation industry.
  • Lightest weight refrigeration zone bulk head in the transportation industry.
  • Compression and flexibility combine to fit and seal at any desired point.
  • Expandable thermal performance (just add another)
  • Reusable or repositionableDisposable if desired or required

PolarBlock Accessories

PolarBlock Zero-perm seam tape (roll size 250 feet)