About PolarBlock

ptibldg2.jpgPolarBlock panels are manufactured in our Monticello, Georgia manufacturing facility where we produce an array of insulated metal panels for commercial and industrial buildings. Established in 1987, we manufacture the highest quality polystyrene cores in large blocks which, after curing in our temperature-controlled rooms, are cut into sheets from 2 to 12 inches thick and then laminated with metal - - achieving the highest R-values in the industry.

PolarBlock Flexi-Fit panels are a highly cost-effective insulated panel that enables dual temperatures within a refrigerated trailer. Specifically designed for the refrigerated transportation market, PolarBlock panels allow for a multi-temperature solution for your frozen, refrigerated and dry products.

PolarBlock panels create a volume separation within the trailer when hauling a short or long load, maintaining for instance frozen foods in front and refrigerated pharmaceuticals in the back. Or energy can be saved by refrigerating only the front portion of the trailer, thus saving energy. PolarBlock panels can also minimize cold air loss when the doors are open.

Since PolarBlock panels are extremely cost-efficient, they can be either discarded after the first leg of a two-way haul, or saved for later re-use. The flexibility afforded by PolarBlock panels have a high value-add for a low cost, opening markets for shippers not willing to expend the capital for high-cost reefer trailer alternatives.