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Truck_final1.pngDual Zone Refrigerated Truck/Container Bulkheads

PolarBlock flexible-fit and disposable refrigerated bulkheads are changing the way multi freight and mixed load freight are managed for refrigeration transportation companies in the food, produce, floral, and pharmaceutical industries. There is no other solution that is as cost-effective!! You get thermal insulation, flexibility, ease of installation, abuse protection, and reusability/disposability at a low cost.

Often, mixed loads are otherwise managed by simply electing not to handle them. When carriers do handle mixed load perishables, temperature zone separation is often accomplished with heavy, expensive and difficult to manage refrigerated transportation bulkheads.

Reusable, Disposable, Affordable Refrigerated Transportation Zoning

Over-designed straps, interlocks, ventilation, and weight now give weigh to a simple and affordable, yet as effective, alternative. PolarBlock insulated bulkhead partitions allow you to separate temperature sensitive items creating a multi temp solution for frozen, cold, refrigerated and dry products. PolarBlock insulated bulkheads allow separation when hauling a small load so you can maintain the temperature in the area of the product only and not cool the complete length of the trailer saving fuel.

Energy Savings

PolarBlock insulated partitions also prevent cold air loss when the doors are open. The insulated "curtains" block the opening of the doors, thereby assisting in the maintenance of temperature and thus saving fuel! Even when there is only one temperature zone but a half-empty trailer - - why cool the whole space when only half the load requires cooling?


The PolarBlock panels will fit any refrigerated container (whether road, rail, or air) at any point within the trailer body since they simply flex to fit the configuration. They can be reused as often as you like. When they become inconvenient, simply discard them! Install new PolarBlock panels the next time zone separation is required since the cost is minimal compared to the cost of the load, the flexibility offered, and the energy saved.


  • Reusable PolarBlock insulated bulkheads
    • If the next load has a different configuration of frozen versus cold versus ambient, simply reuse and reposition PolarBlock panels
  • Disposable PolarBlock insulated panels avoid necessity for decontamination
    • If the next load does not require multi zone temperatures - - just discard (the cost is likely less than your next meal)
    • In the food, medical, and pharma industries, single use ensures the highest safety against contamination
    • USDA approved
  • Lightweight
    • Weighs only 6 lbs. per panel, compared to multiples of that for more expensive alternative products
  • Extremely flexible
    • In its horizontal and vertical dimension; and it can be stacked to take up minimal space on a backhaul
  • No more worries about lost or stolen expensive bulkheads
  • Dramatically less expensive than permanent bulkheads